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A Short Biography of Professor Mehmet Erdal Balaban, PhD.

Balaban, who was born in the town of Hendek in Sakarya, Turkey, graduated from Adapazarı Atatürk Lisesi in 1970. He graduated from Hacettepe University, Faculty of Science, Department of Higher Mathematics in 1977 and recieved his Master’s degree in 1980, Boğaziçi University in the field of Computer Science. After working as a Software Development and Information Processing Manager in Private Sector for a while, he was appointed as Assistant to the Chair of Mathematics of Istanbul University, Faculty of Business Administration. He completed his doctorate thesis titled “Development of Q-GERT Network Model for Planning and Control of an Order Production System and Computer Analysis” in 1983 at Istanbul University, Faculty of Business Administration, Department of Quantitative Methods. M. Erdal Balaban, who was promoted to Associate Professor in 1989 and he was given Professorship in 1996. Between 2003-2006 he had been the Department Chair of Quantitative Methods, School of Business Administration, Istanbul University.

Apart from Istanbul University, Management Information Systems, PhD courses, he also taught “Business Mathematics”, “Business Statistics”, “Information Systems”, “Quantitative Methods”, “Operations Research”, “Project Management” and “Data Mining” in different programs at War Academy, Naval Forces Academy, Gebze High Technology Institute, Istanbul University Transportation and Logistics, Izmir University of Economics (MBA Program), Bahçeşehir University (Executive MBA). He worked as a visiting scholar in 2001-2002 and between 2006-2007 he taught as a visiting professor at the department of “Information Systems and Operations Management (ISOM), Ball State University, IN, USA.” in 2006-2007. He worked as a full-time professor at the department of Industrial Engineering between 2011-2012, at Işık University.

In 1984 he was involved in the development of software “Business Intelligence in Personal Computers” as an AISEC trainee in Ball Aerospace Defense System Division, Boulder-Colorado, USA. He has books named “Basic Mathematics and Business Applications” and “Data Mining and Machine Learning, Basic Algorithms and Applications with R Language”. He has more than 70 scientific works at national and international level. He has also managed many projects. “Integrated Information Systems” the software which he developed for the business world has been implemented and used in many businesses. Balaban, who has been carrying out studies and research in the fields of “Business Analitics” and “Data Mining” and has supervised 17 Graduate and 18 PhD theses. He served as a member of the promotion committees of 32 associate professorships and 13 professors, and contributed to the growth of a large number of academics.

Between 2000 and 2004 has carried out many number of seminars, panels and social projects with the working groups during the Presidency of Turkish Informatics Association, Istanbul Branch. The KOBILISM Working Group, which he founded, has contributed to increase entrepreneurship and information culture by organizing seminars and TV programs for small and medium-sized enterprises. The Istanbul Chamber of Industry has been involved in the ISO-USIB working group for the development of University-Industry cooperation.

Balaban, who served as a coordinator and science board member for many conferences, contributed over 20 conferences as guest speaker and panel speaker to more than 30 conferences. Balaban, who has been active in sports since his university years, has been working as a Board Member and Consultant at the Sports Union Club of Istanbul University.

Balaban, Turkey Informatics Society, Istanbul Branch and Mathematicians Association Honorary Member, who took part in the realization of many community services and education projects in Civil Society Organizations. Mehmet Erdal Balaban retired from Istanbul University, Faculty of Business Administration on October 16, 2015 and continues to serve as volunteer of the Turkish Society Services Foundation. He is married, has a son and a grandson.

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